Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Port Jackson. A Small Victory...

At a meeting at Port Jackson late last year, the Department of Conservation's manager, when I asked her why the campers couldn't have a dedicated boat launching area at the western end of the camp ground, she folded her arms, stood directly in front of me and said vehemently
"Because I said so!"
I'm pleased to say that someone or something has caused her to change her mind and a boat launching area is now being developed.
The newly installed bollards that replaced the one's some naughty campers removed, will unfortunately remain till at least new vegetation has grown and then perhaps they will again be removed. By DoC.
The little boxes will, again unfortunately, remain as the Port Jackson booking system is now part of the national system. It's something this country really needs!
When I mentioned visual pollution to the DoC management, which really is an oxymoron, I was told that the campers and their tents are much more of a visual pollutant!
Well a small victory is better than none...
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  1. Thanks for a very timely update - we are putting together a follow up email to the Hon. K Wilkinson inregard DoC's anti people attitudes and such matters as " camp in the marked box " rather than where you like, as it has been for the last 100 or so years.
    Keep at it TFT.

  2. Appreciate your efforts of behalf of everyone.

  3. Your description of the DoC woman and her overbearing attitude toward you reminded me of the Pembrokeshire National Park woman Tony Wrench had the doubtful pleasure of having to deal with when she was doing her best to destroy his roundhouse. What is it that drives and sustains the ambitions of these sad megalomaniacs?

  4. Thankyou for your support. John, these people are control freaks and are power hungry. Simple really...