Friday, October 28, 2011

Future Forests...

'Future Forests' is a Plant Nursery hidden deep in the countryside somewhere in Ireland where it's unlikely to offend the eyes of the bureaucrats who would tear down such imaginative, quirky, architectural ingenuity.
We know only too well that they'd rather put up some hideous structure that fits within the rules of 'homes you must live in' and one that ticks all the boxes of the local planning department.
Thanks John Foster...
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  1. It is fabulous!

    I've been there, serendipitously, on a whirlwind driving tour of southern Ireland.

    Putt-putting around a bend and "oh hey, what's THAT?".

    The people were friendly, but they must have been amused while I wandered around with a gleeful expression on my face.

    Just wish I could have brought back a plant.