Thursday, January 5, 2012

Young Girl Defies Local Council Bylaws And Risks Prosecution...

Young Samantha, happily building sand castles on Tokerau Beach yesterday has no idea of the trouble she's in with the local council as she flouts their bylaws and regulations.
She doesn't have a building permit and nor has she applied for one.
She didn't submit any plans or drawings for council approval.
She doesn't have resource consent.
She isn't trade qualified.
She doesn't have permission from the local Iwi to build on that part of the beach.
She hasn't engaged the services of a registered and qualified architect.
Sam who's about nine, it wasn't proper to ask the lady her age, said it wasn't the first time she'd built sand castles without council permission and it won't be the last. "I may be in very deep doodoo" she said "but I don't care. Girls just wanna have fun..."
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  1. Ha, ha...Well done.....Council bureaucrats are so shellfish, shometimes.........

  2. Love it! And, Christine's comment - sho pershinent, sho pershpicshous!

  3. Awesome! You go for it Sam........your castle looks quite safe to me haha.

  4. Council Approval Drawings is full plan application can be used for all types of building work. When works start you can be sure that as long as you build in accordance with the approved plans the work will comply with the Building Regulations. You will need to inform the Council when you intend to start work.