Monday, January 2, 2012

Vicky And A Housetruck Called Betsy...

What a way to start the new year!
Vicky won the auction for a very rare 1970's twin-cab Bedford horsefloat called Betsy on New Zealand's TradeMe last night.
She's going to turn the horsefloat into a gorgeous housetruck for her and children Aurora and Phoenix to live in.
We'll be following her progress here over the next few months.
These are the 'before' photos.
Watch this space...
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  1. Thanks for all your help Keith - and thanks in advance for all the help with the million of questions I'm going to bombard you with in the near future! V x

  2. How fabulous and what an exciting challenge. I certainly will be 'watching this space'.

  3. What a great project!! Will be following her progress!!

  4. As if Vicky wasn't already an inspiration! I will be living vicariously through her and this latest adventure. Love her zest for living and her 'outside the box' thinking! You go girl! So happy you won the auction.

  5. Wow I can't wait to follow this. What a great idea! Well done on the auction! All the best with project.