Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tiny Mud Village In Tunisia...

Located high on a hilltop by the Berbers to prevent raiders plundering the village's food supply in the fifteenth century, the Ksar Ouled Soltaire is a popular tourist attraction in Tunisia's Southern Tataouine Province.
Ksar is a Berber term given to a small village consisting of attached houses combining bathing facilities, a bakery and shops among the Oasis populations of North Africa.
Gorgeous isn't it...
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  1. Gorgeous indeed. Love the round shapes.

  2. Yea gorgeous...but would it get through the NZ building regs? Come to think of it the most gorgeous structures be they afloat, aground or on round rubber foundations that I've encountered have not had any permits. I think that might say something? Maybe it says that I have a warped sence of esthetic's and am teatering on the edge of a long slippery slope.

    Anyway long live the permits. It gives the undground free thinkers some thing to think about and rebel against.
    Besides wot are laws for other than breaking?


  3. Where are all the handrails- I'll tell OSH....