Monday, January 30, 2012

Really Banal And Boring...

Last November the Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key, sat down with wannabe MP John Banks, at an Auckland cafe to have a cuppa and a chat about how they would play in their sandpit together after the election, and who would have what toys.
Their boring and utterly banal conversation was inadvertently recorded by a media person and caused more than a storm in the proverbial teacup.
The PM complained to the police who then set about raiding the offices of the free press.
The folk over at Boing Boing have a copy of the leaked tape and if you have a few minutes to waste you can hear it here...

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  1. Well I had the time but the boredom bit me. Taking it to the police, illegally recorded or not, is a bit like complaining about someone secretly taping your yawn. Or maybe like Sonny Bill complaining to the cops about a little boy throwing a punch at him.

  2. Shonkey has apologised for what he said on the tape. No wonder he didn't want it made public!