Monday, January 23, 2012

China Says Bigger Is Better...

While some of us are downsizing,
China has it says, made a momentous step forward for public transportation by unveiling the world's longest or largest bus, capable of carrying three hundred passengers.
A fleet of these 82 foot monsters, each made up of two ribbed sections which enables it to turn as easily as a regular city bus, will make up the Bus Rapid Transit Service in Beijing and Hangzhou.
I guess the front section is 'first class' and will cost more as these passengers get to their destinations much earlier than those way down the back...
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  1. So BIG is BETTER - in China it seems.

  2. I wish we had a better public transport system here. No direct bus/train to get to the airport from where I live - it is crazy! I used to live in London and moan about the public transport system there, but at least there was one and I could get to anywhere in England without using a car. V x

  3. Mmm - from one extreme to the other! It's almost a city on wheels. I can see more than one door. But I think I prefer small.