Monday, January 23, 2012

London Says Smaller Is Smarter...

London's new bus using green electric diesel hybrid technology and collocqually known as 'Boris Bus' is smaller, smarter and more manouvarable than it's recent passenger perambulators.
Mostly using its electric motor, the diesel motor only runs when the battery needs charging.
You mightn't hear them but you'll see one at a bus stop soon...

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  1. Brings new and sinister meaning to the tem 'Run over by a bus' as they'll be that quiet they'll creap up on you like a white pointer!

  2. At least you will be runover in style.

  3. I love everything London and I love that bus!

  4. Puts NZ to shame. No such thing would happen here.Clean green NZ...Pah! Ps: I'd love someone to prove me wrong.

  5. There must be a heap of old double Decker's ripe for converting into homes.
    Roll on round rubber foundations.