Sunday, January 29, 2012

How To Easily Make A Simple Little Woodstove...

This is another variation on a very successful little cooker that you might use camping, during a power failure or in an emergency
like the end of the world.
Just remember to have these few tools and cans with you. You'll probably be so impressed with this little gadget that you'll carry all the bits to make it around with you hoping you need it or just to impress your friends.
Some people use Spaghetti and Apricot cans but I prefer Baked Beans and Peaches.
I don't know why.
You'll need a few bits and pieces and in minutes you'll have made this simple, super efficient, fun little woodstove.
If you don't believe me, look 'how to' here...

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  1. Actually, for future reference, the tins with chilli's in make the best little cookers....they really burn hot. Baked bean tins tend to backfire.....XX

  2. Haha that's very funny! I'm laughing out loud...

  3. Very innovative & what a power saving except when there is a total fire ban then.... It's cold tea!

  4. Well Angela's point is not really that funny but rather sad. Quite often now you can not light fires due to fire bans. It really has put a damper on the fun of this sort of life style. No cooking like this, no songs by the campfire. I suppose we need to be thankful we can at least still drive around in our some times very functional and pretty to look at but rather cumbersome and not very aerodynamic abodes.