Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sunrise At Bowentown...

Yesterday's stunning sunrise was a benign beginning to the last few hours as Cyclone Wilma began racing her way over the top of New Zealand's North Island on her way to somewhere else.
In her wake, this naughty lady has left flooding and destruction, power outages, landslips, destroyed homes and disrupted lives.
The Flying Tortoise is grounded by 120kph winds and bucketloads of horizontal rain at the moment but the sun is still shining.
Life's not all that bad...
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  1. Hope you get through it OK and without any damage to that beautiful home on wheels that you have.

  2. Thanks DD, the worst of Wilma is over and another clean-up will begin for many. TFT is sitting stubbornly on the shore and all is well...

  3. Good! I know it is crazy but I love big storms and they sure make you feel small.