Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Port Jackson Petition Passes 1000!

The petition I started almost a month ago hit its target of 1000 signatures at 11am this morning when Stephanie and Brent from Hamilton arrived at their favourite campground.
Stephanie, who's been coming here every year for thirty years was appalled when she realised the changes that DoC had implemented but delighted that she could do something about it.
The weather is glorious, the sun is shining, the sea is flat and the only thing that's blue here is the sky.
The mood here is of jubilation that the goal has been achieved and by petition close tomorrow night the total will probably be...
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  2. Fantastic Keith, this truly is a top effort. And congratulations to all those people who have signed the petition for wanting to make a difference. You all ought to be very proud.

  3. Yes Keith, well done. Do you think that a thousand will be enough?

  4. A thousand represents about 90 percent of the people who have visited since the 16th of December... it is a significant and impressive number and will be taken notice of...

  5. Hi Keith, Great to hear that number! (90%) So what's next, and when? I still feel very compelled to action my thoughts about this issue. Hope to get up there again in 2 weeks on the long weekend.

  6. Actioning thoughts is often a very good move Dobba...