Thursday, January 6, 2011

Endangered Species...

Jill and her teacher friends are 'Westies' and have been migrating to Port Jackson annually for a cumulative total of two hundred and twenty something years.
They arrive early in the new year and nest next to the dunes where they eat, drink, have fun with their mates, catch fish and then after some time, fly this coop back to one's of their own.
They're incensed that their favourite camping ground is being commercialised and intend to do something about it...
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  1. Good to know that Jill and team are still going back after so many years. It is people like this who have been coming back to the same place for so many years, that DOC should be talking to. Not some obscure person sitting behind a desk miles away from the action.
    I too have been visiting Port Jackson for over ten years, and love the basics of traditional camping and the first in first served approach. Hate the idea of having to book as like to be spontaneous and take my chances!

  2. Keith congratulations on the 700 signature. This should show DOC that it is not just a few campers crying out against 'their progress'
    What has happened to the traditional NZ Camping approach of taking responsibility for oneself and you children. Our first DOC camping experience was some 20+ years ago where we enjoyed the long grass, the odd cow or sheep droppings, collecting water from the stream and boiling it in an adapted Kerosine can. We took responsibility for ourselves, looking after our 3 toddlers and the first in first serve approach. I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO BOOK UP TO SIX MONTHS AHEAD!
    Since our first experience we have used DOC Camps from Southland to North Cape and love the traditional, non-commercial, scattered rather than organised approach.
    Making lines for camping will NOT give us any more privacy.

  3. Unclelen, thanks so much for your comments and support. I'm not sure what is going to happen next but will keep you posted...