Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Bollad Of Port Jackson...

With every protest, there's a protest song.
So here's mine.
The verses use minor chords, I think, and the chorus, major ones.
Sing it with gusto as an old road gang might, with the swing of the hammer.
You might put two verses together and reduce the number of choruses, you choose.
Use whatever tune or delivery suits you.
I hope you enjoy it.


The bollards of Port Jackson
Thank god they are no more
The people rose up in the night
And took them from the shore

Bang bang bang went the hammers
Up two three went the men
Up two three and they pulled the bollards free
Up two three went the men
Putting stones in the holes went the women
And the kids filled them up with the sand

The managers were out that night
So the story goes
They didn't see, they didn't hear
And nobody round here knows


There will they say be hell to pay
But we don't care
We've had our say
And told DoC to stay away


The petition is all over
The irony isn't lost
The total number symbolised
What people hate the most


1080 was the final count
1080 people signed
1080 should be given
To DoC's bureaucratic kind


The people of Port Jackson
Now they've had their say
Want DoC to do the proper thing
And leave alone the bay
And leave alone the bay

(Repeat last verse)
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  1. You fought the good fight..good for you!

  2. Wow.....I love the "Bollard of Port Jackson" should be published. Well done.

  3. Action! That's the way to do it Keith but it will be back to wet feet for those seagulls I guess.

  4. The Flying Tortoise says "A hacker has got me and closed me down ... for now... I'm trying to get back on. There will be more information here. Please have patience. Keith"