Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Colville Connection...

The Flying Tortoise landed at the Colville Cafe on the way back to Coromandel from Port Jackson the other day. My first cafe experience in a while, complete with a very yummy chocolate brownie.
Crossing the road I saw what I thought to be a 'like minded soul' and of course we chatted. I didn't know him from Adam and it turns out he wasn't Adam but Tom, an original hippy who's been living here for years. An invitation and a little while later I was a guest at his very wonderfully quirky home in the hills overlooking the sea. The windows here are all car and truck windows simply fitted to suit. There are no ninety degree angles in this house, with freedom loving rooms flowing in all directions and levels.
You might meet Tom someday and enjoy his company too...
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  1. Nothing on the level for find such nice places!

  2. As I struggle to maintain my conservative image I find these postings most disconcerting!