Wednesday, January 5, 2011

600 Signatures...

Despite his amusing, ironically captioned T-Shirt, Robert does care and became the 600th signatory to the Port Jackson petition to DoC yesterday.
It's my opinion that New Zealand's Department of Conservation plan to 'develop' the infrastructure of the Port Jackson campsite and many others around the country, to a level where they can then lease these prime sites to commercial campground operators.
Then it's goodbye to the traditional way of camping for hundreds of thousands of Kiwi camping families...

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  1. Wow...and the signatures are increasing. Good on many do you need to make a difference...?

  2. Every one counts Jill, have a look at Facebook and 'Port Jackson Fans' for more info...

  3. Hi Keith. I'd like to share a quote from Phil Goff, which appeared on the front page of the Waikato Times Jan 4th, in an article about New Chum Beach.
    "Overwhelmingly New Zealanders want to preserve what is left of their untouched and unspoilt heritage" followed by "I cannot understand why they (the Government) hasn't already committed themselves to doing so."

  4. Thanks for that Dobba. Phil Goff will be getting a copy of the petition. I hope he's up to fighting for us!