Sunday, January 16, 2011

Todays Newspaper Headline: Campers Fear DoC Deals...

Private campground operators may get the chance to run pristine sites...
This was the headline in today's top rated daily newspaper, New Zealand's Herald On Sunday.
What I've been saying on this blog for some time has been found to be true by the investigative reporter Kieran Nash.
DoC does have plans to lease out some of our pristine camprounds for a profit... go to for the story so far.
Meanwhile we have a lot of very upset campers here and the PJ Petition continues on its final day with more than 1050 signatures...
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  1. Hey Keith,

    Just read the Herald 'article' and am stoked to hear you've got >1000 signatories. When we last spoke you were hoping for 200.

    It is interesting that there are commercialisation programmes going on which have begun without ANY consultation.

    BTW, I went to Cathedral Cove between Xmas and NYs and DoC, in all their wisdom, have DRILLED and BOLTED the archway to hang a pathetic excuse for a barrier. They have also put massive signs in front of the arch which completely destroys the whole experience of the coves. This is supposed to be the Dept of Conservation but it is turning into the Dept of Productisation: By your 'wild'erness experience here!