Friday, January 21, 2011

The Bollad Of Port Jackson... Not A Swansong!

Silly me. I received an official looking email purporting to be from Google, asking me to update some account information.
I had my doubts but I didn't want to jeopardise my account, so, I pressed send and nearly lost this blog. I had given away my identity and password.
Not only that but many many people in my Gmail address book received an email again purporting to come from me, saying that I was in Edinburgh on business and was robbed of my passport, money and credit cards and please send me US$1700 or as much as they could spare.
Watch out for this one.
After many complexities and filling in spaces on forms and wondering if a human was involved in the process of recovery, I received the email with instructions of how to return to the fold.
And here we are.
We're making music again...
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  1. Ah ha! The danger of assumptions. Although I though it odd, I assumed that the e-mail from you was a tongue-in-cheek response to recent comments on my blog. This post of yours has rested my mind about the e-mail but opened up a huge new can of worms about trust and truth!!!

  2. thanks keith for your comments .Iknew this would not be from you not for one moment

  3. Glad you are back here safe and sound!

  4. LOL I don't know anyone with $1700, give them my email!

  5. Thankyou all. The cheque's in the post Frann...