Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tiny Gutsy Homes On Wheels To Take You Here There Or Anywhere. Even Back Again...

These go anywhere tiny homes on wheels will probably take you to almost any place you'd care to choose. And get you back too.
Should you want to. But really, why would you.
However, if you did, you know, get sick and tired of living pretty much a self sufficient lifestyle, getting all your electricity from the sun as well as Vitamin D for your good health.
If you found that Freedom Camping wasn't your cup of the proverbial, well, I guess you'd be able to get back to civilization.
It's a scary thought though...

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  1. I agree! (they do run on seawater, right? every one of them..)

  2. Um... How about a nice little wagon that can be pulled by a pony?

  3. Wow, what vehicles! Wish I could see inside too. I have decorating ideas for all of them.