Thursday, October 10, 2013

Jeepneys. The Cheap Cheerful Colourful And Fun Transport Of The Philippines...

The Jeepney is the fun, colourful and cheap mode of transport in the Philippines.
It has its origins with the military presence of the Americans during the Second World War.
These modified old jeeps, some lengthened by a few metres have been used as buses and cheap ways of transporting people, goods and animals too, ever since.
And how many people can you fit in a Jeepney?
Just one more...

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  1. My Jeep doesn't look anything like those. Wow, they sure are brightly colored. Nice!!

  2. What fabulous creativity and colour. Bright colours are definately the next best thing to sunshine

  3. I spent several years in the P.I. as an American teenager and graduated from high school there at Subic Bay. I used to ride jeepneys all the time and this brings back fond memories to me.