Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Twenty Two Carat Gold Toilet Paper For The Filthy Rich And Very Stupid...

For those filthy rich with more money than sense or for those who have everything but still feel insecure and want something else to boost their egos they can now buy a roll of twenty two carat toilet paper to wipe their whatevers.
Australian loo paper manufacturer The Toilet Paper Man has produced a roll of toilet paper that's gone on sale for $1,376,900.
That's around eight hundred and twenty six thousand British pounds.
To make sure their wipe is gentle and more enjoyable, the roll is three-ply to ensure the user the utmost comfort.
If you can handle it, there's more here.
But if they want to cut out the middle man so to speak, they could just throw their money straight down the toilet...

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  1. Now I've heard and seen it all and wish I hadn't. If this is in someone's bathroom hopefully it's just weird art to humour guests. My little brain cannot get around this one.

  2. How many starving countries would that one roll feed?

  3. Tell Noah to send the Ark.Greedy SOB.Must be in league with Satan.

  4. You do not think it is a deliberate insult, intended to show all that idiocy up?

  5. Is this for real? I say we all write to the manufacturer and object to this obscenity. There are sick and starving people in this world!! And, you know someone is going to fish it out of the sewer system to get at that gold.