Friday, October 4, 2013

The Wonderful Painted Ladies Of San Francisco...

The wonderful painted ladies of San Francisco aren't your usual sort of street girl.
For a start they're all about a hundred and twenty years old but beautifully preserved.
You'll find these gorgeous old girls on Steiner Street over from Alamo Park.
Just some of the thousands of Victorian beauties built in the mid to late 1890's during San Francisco's boom time.
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  1. I saw these beauties on my last trip through San Francisco....they truly are so wonderful and the fact that they have been saved from the wrecking ball it marvelous.


  2. I think one of these was used as the set/location for the sitcom, Full House.

  3. Beautiful. There are some equally beautiful houses in Tinakori Road, Wellington, New Zealand, also known as 'The Painted Ladies' and a book about them with the same name.