Tuesday, October 15, 2013

This Beautiful Hand Crafted, Fully Functional Wooden Vespa Motor Scooter Is A Wonderful Work Of Art...

Carlos Alberto wasn't prepared to  give his daughter Daniella just any wonderful Vespa with an individual paint job, oh no.
She had to have a unique and beautiful hand crafted wooden Vespa named after her. Nothing is too good for Daniella. Fortunately Carlos is a master at his craft as you can see here.
And there's more to see here.
Many years ago I delighted in owning a Vespa.
I can only imagine the joy Daniella will have from this one...

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  1. Why can you only imagine the joy, Keith? Are you too old to ride a Vespa now, ( nudge,nudge)?

  2. In 1963 I bought my first scooter, a Vespa, $ 350.00 up till now still in my shed, every other month I take it for a ride. I have two spare motors about a dozen lights8 rims a spare seat . You name it , I got it. I'm going to be 70 y.o. and I'm going to pass it to my grandson, he's the only one that show some kind of becoming a prepper. Vespa is the best on gas. I can reach my BOL in 45 minutes out of my little town, there is no road just a path. After I come to the end of that path then is by foot, about 4 hrs. to get there if is a good day. (no rain or snow)

    Old Scout.

  3. if it were a fiddle...what possibilities!

  4. Hope this little girl appreciates what her dad gave her. A Vespa in itself is a marvel but to have it in warm wood made by hand especially for you is beyond words.What a father!

  5. Daniela es preciora. Es una obra de arte!
    En el año 1969 Con 17 años tuvimos nuestra primera Vespa una 125.
    Hoy tenemos una PX200 y hacemos varias rutas al año.
    El enlace me lo ha enviado mi amigo David Hornero para que lo viera.
    Buen fin de semana.
    Un beso.