Thursday, October 17, 2013

Meet Inspiring Adventurer Bernie Harberts And His Mules Buddy And Polly...

My friend Bernie Harberts of River Earth is another wonderful individual who, like John Sears and his three mules, journeys the road least travelled. Bernies constant companions are Buddy and Polly.
You may have read about Bernie, he also features in Lloyd Kahn's Tiny Home book.
There's lots to know about this lovely man and his enviable lifestyle. You can go here, over here, or here to find out what he's up to now or planning for the future.
After spending twenty years sailing his yacht alone around the world and then crisscrossing the US with Polly towing his twenty one square foot camper, there's always something...

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  1. Certainly is 'The road less travelled' but what a wonderful lifestyle.

  2. How is it that some people have happiness figured out long before the rest of us. Most people think that more stuff is equal to more happiness. Ask Bernie if that's true or not.

  3. Good to see someone treating "beasts of burden" as friends and family instead of disposable "things!"

  4. That man has a great vibe. And he treats his mules right.