Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sixteen Year Old Malala Yousafzai Will One Day Win The Nobel Peace Prize...

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon applauds the serene and confident sixteen year old Malala Yousafzai as she delivers her wonderful speech to the audience of the United Nations Youth Assembly at the day named in her honour.
The Taliban shot the then fifteen year old Malala in the head on October 9 last year in an assassination attempt.
Her recovery led to her most remarkable and well presented speech that you can see here
It is a speech of quality and sincerity and hopefully it's not the last the world will hear from this remarkable young woman.
Despite being a favourite, she did not win the Nobel Peace Prize for 2013 but there's always another year.
Malaha has an extraordinary future ahead of her and has already said she intends to be a future Prime Minister of her beloved Pakistan. Not only her Pakistan but the global society would be a better place if it takes heed of Mahala Yousafzai.
The world needs to embrace her and her ideals.
The Taliban have confirmed that they still plan to kill this young woman. Because she speaks a truth that they know will expose them.
Weakness, fear and hopelessness died the day she was shot she declares. Strength, power and courage were born.
Martin Luther King Jr, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela would be proud of this beautiful and brave young woman.
We should be too...
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  1. An astounding young woman! She would have every right to be bitter and revengeful but has chosen instead to be loving and determined to lead others to a better existence through education. For those of us who have had education as a given, Malala's words are a humbling and riveting question as to what we are doing with our knowledge to make this a better world not just for ourselves but for others.

  2. She is an example of all that is good in a world where power before people rules.Her survival had a purpose - let's hope the world is ready for the miracle she is!....and even more so....deserves her!!

  3. Why do these Muslim men hate on women.Don't give me that tradition crap.I here slavery and hating on women are a tradition. Bull crap.

  4. Thank God this blessed child survived! A group I volunteer with, on missions to impoverished & war torn countries, has been praying for her ceaselessly.