Sunday, November 6, 2011

What A Great Idea...

What a great idea.
If only we could.
Do you think we might be able to?
Or is it too late?
A mask featuring a caricature of Guy Fawkes has become the very meaningful 'Occupy' symbol for the many hundreds of thousands of protesters worldwide.
Not that their intentions are to blow up the world's parliaments but who knows.
Ironically the giant American film studios, Warner Brothers owns the licensing rights to the caricatured face mask.
I guess their lawyers are getting ready to sue somebody...

(What started as 'Occupy Wall Street' has become 'Occupy Everywhere' with demonstrations at 951 cities in 82 countries
and it's looking to get bigger).
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  1. I agree. It's a great idea. The thousands of global protesters don't think its too late. The question for me is how as one individual do I become part of the 'unfucking' process + make a difference?

  2. I guess we as individuals might start by 'unfucking' the little worlds we live in.
    Not being afraid to stand up and be counted would be a good start.
    When we see as we do, daily, our freedoms being eroded, our lives controlled and manipulated by bureaucracies, we could stop being afraid to say Enough!