Thursday, November 24, 2011

On The Way Home From The Circus...

I wandered over to The Hermitage the other day.
Another of my favourite places.
It's easy to find and what you'll find there is truly beautiful...
Rima is a wonderful artist.
More about her later.
She and Tom had been to Giffords Circus, an old style circus who do things in the traditional manner. Then they camped out overnight and shared the delight of fried eggs on toast over the fire at breakfast.
Such simple pleasures...

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  1. One of my favourite blogs. Rima is indeed a true artist. I love her stuff. And she writes wonderfully too.

  2. Hello Keith! Lovely to meet you. This looks wonderful, it reminds me of our Brit festivals and makes me pine for summer. x

  3. Wow Flying Tortoise!! THank you for posting these photographs from the Gifford's Circus puppet theatre. Really this is simply magnificent on every level. Gifford's has such an eye for detail and is the only circus I imagine running away with!