Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Images To Start A Real Revolution...

These images could change the world.
I hope they do.
Others have. Remember the one in Saigon. Or the one at Kent State in 1970 when American troops killed some of their own children.
These photos by Wayne Tilcock and Louise Macabitas show UC Davis Police Lt John Pike as he arrogantly, nonchalantly, uses a can of pepper spray on a group of young people as they, seated and offering no resistance, are engaged in an act of non violent, non aggressive civil disobedience as is their right.
These images disgust me...

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  1. I saw that on Yahoo. A disgrace. The American government should be ashamed. I thought it was every American's right to protest peacefully and these students were exercising their rights. Mind you the police is no better here in the UK. Give some men a bit of "power" and they will use it, wherever they are and however "civilised" they believe themselves to be.

    1. I agree as well..I saw how the Cops treat the Homeless here & How the 'Occupier's..meaning Homeless, we were all sprayed in Denver, Colo. for giving rights to all the poor, to keep us safe is all we asked for!!! I'm not an American ..Britt. Canadian..The Land of the Free???!!, Ya Right My Ass!!! We're still multiplying out here..Homeless Gypsy

  2. Keith
    You are exactly correct. This was over the top and a clear abuse of power. Those campus cops were geared up and clearly had the non-violent protesters overwhelmed. Totally unnecessary use of force.
    Bill in Nebr.

  3. Thank you for the photo with a very important message. Are we at the tipping point?

  4. Absolutly disgusting - what a waste of air that cop is.
    America leads the world - Yeah Right.

  5. This is America - the Land of the Free - home of freedom of speech and the right to protest?
    Doesn't look like it to me.
    Why are the onlookers being so passive and just looking on?