Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rolling Homes. What A Find!

I wandered into The Piggery, a favourite bookshop full of delights in Whangarei, yesterday afternoon and there it was.
Looking at me. Giving me the eye.
Saying come on take me now. I'm yours!
I opened the cover, curious but not caring how much the price was.
I'd waited too long for this beauty.
Louise behind the counter, saw the look of ecstasy on my face and carefully slipped Jane Lidz's classic book of Homemade Houses on Wheels, Rolling Homes, into a brown paper bag and I floated out the door.
It was my lucky day.
I'd seen the price for it on Amazon a few days ago. I got back to TFT and checked. Amazon have one new copy for $US281.98 and a few second hand copies from $US45.00
I'd paid the princely sum of sixteen New Zealand dollars.
But I'm not a selfish man, I'll share it with you...
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  1. Hey - looks like a brilliant bookshop too.
    V x

  2. You, the Piggery bookshop + the Rolling Homes book are all wonderful + interesting discoveries.

  3. Congratulations on finding this treasure, Mr. Levy . take a moment to tell you how much I enjoy your site.

    the mohave rat

  4. Ich geniesse es hier umherzuschauen.
    gruß aus Deutschland


  5. Ein wunderbares Buch!
    Ich liebe es!
    Gruss aus Deutschland