Friday, November 25, 2011

No Matter Who You Vote For, The Government Always Wins!

Tomorrow, New Zealanders go to the polls to decide who they'd prefer to shit on them for the next three years.
Their choices are really very limited by the crappy calibre of the candidates.
The three main parties are very middle of the road, the Red one slightly leftest and the Blue a rabid rightist. The Greens have a tinge of blue about them which is disquieting.
We have a Yellow party that appears to have the plague, an Ethnic party or two and then there's the Black and White Party led by a person with style. But substance? This maverick keeps rising like the Phoenix every few years.
It's very hard to find just one of the political pretenders worthy of any respect.
I don't think there's a party that I want to be invited to.
I hope the voters lock the door on the current government and throw the key away...
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  1. And... Its very hard to find a leader, a politician, a bureaucrat, In the UK worthy of respect!

    Only a couple of days ago, the health minister, Simon Burns said in parliament that people who asks questions of the MPs were "zombies. Just shows how much respect those politicians have for the population in general.

    You can even hear him here:

    There is now a petition with over 80 000 signatures on it, including mine.

    You're not alone my friend!

  2. I will still vote and hope. It is a freedom denied to many in other countries (the voting I mean).

  3. I totally agree with your thoughts. The state of New Zealand is of great concern to me. The current crop of politicians are a bland sad lot who to me have lost their way. They have forgotten that they are elected by the people to serve the interests of the people and instead have become self serving power hungry arrogant bureaucrats.
    How to use my vote in the elections on Saturday to try and make difference is a dilemma.

  4. I love the picture...kinda says it all.

  5. maybe if no one voted they might get the message and go away?

  6. Haha Anonymous. what a wonderful, simply brilliant idea!

  7. thought you'd like that one Kieth.
    Simple and not so silly.
    It's a form of passive resistance.
    It's either that or the legalize cannabis party.

  8. Did I read right: you only have to put up with them for 3 years?? We got our lot for 5 years now...:-(

  9. Sadly, anonymous, we keep trying that in the USA, but without any luck.

    I only wish.


  10. Anonymous, I thought you'd like to know that a million eligible voters abstained from voting. Perhaps they read what you had to say here!
    The 'Abstention Party' accounted for over 31% of the vote. It would have only taken a few more and the electoral system might have been routed!
    Who knows, there may be a case for making The Abstention Party a real political movement...