Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Homemade Houses...

One of my favourite blogs is Moon To Moon where there's always a marvellous eclectic collection of things Bohemian, especially laidback living spaces.
I thought it was time to introduce you to this lady's lovely site. You'll find it at http://frommoontomoon.blogspot.com
I have coffee there every day...

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  1. Oooooh thanks Keith - fabulous!
    V x

  2. I love Moon To Moon.......that's where I found you!!! Hhmmmmm, wonder if we have had coffee there together??

  3. I agree. The blog, the posts are fabulous. Thanks for sharing the link. Thinking of having coffee on that place with you too. :) Glad if I'll be given a chance.

  4. O Keith Thank you for the link. That is very kind of you.
    I have just poured myself a coffee, so I will join you all too. Milk and Sugar?

    xxx Gabi xxx

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  6. Great place to meet. Good coffee, amazing surroundings, diverse people. I'll hurry along.

  7. I absolutely love these. I would love to make one of these. I was watching the Lord of the Rings the other day, and thought how cool the hobbit houses were. These remind me of them.