Friday, November 4, 2011

Inspirational Man Escapes The Rat Race...

Dan Price from Joseph, Oregon, was intent on ridding himself of a mortgage and loved the idea of living in a Tipi.
Following his dream to simplify his life, much more so than most people would dare, he located a couple of acres and in return for a few hours work each week he lived rent free and spent three seasons in his Tipi.
Encouraged by his achievement and knowing that the first goal was always going to be the most difficult, he then built and lived in a nine by twelve foot red willow hut and after that, another even smaller building.
Then, he dug into the hillside and made a tiny underground home with a skylight. He's been living happily in his Hobbit House for ten years.
Have a look at his blog here.
Dan writes about things you may well be interested in...

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  1. Wow! thanks Keith. all the best Maizey Aaron.

  2. Hi Keith, hope life treating you well. There is a "h" missing in the address part of your link to so it does not work. Your link on the page is correct, but the address it links to is corrupt and it tries to open
    Hope that makes sense. Thanks for the posts, keeps my dreamer part alive.