Wednesday, November 17, 2010

When Wicked Is Very Very Bad...

Two German tourists seen in this photograph, both from the Wicked Camper on the left were seen urinating in the open by a number of motorhomers yesterday at Ray's Rest at Kaiaua, on the Firth Of Thames.
Exactly the same place as a Frenchman in a Jucy Camper was photographed urinating a few days ago.
Somehow, some tourists think that New Zealand is one giant receptacle for them to relieve themselves at their convenience wherever and whenever they like!
Is that why they come here?
Would they like us to do it in their countries?
Would they give a damn?
These two Wicked tourists were approached by people here and were asked if they had a toilet. No was the reply. There's nothing wrong with what we're doing they said.
These are the sort of people who are giving 'Freedom Camping' a bad name in New Zealand and create huge problems for the folk who have spent many hundreds of dollars making their vehicles 'self contained'.
The president of the NZ Motor Caravan Association said a few months ago that 'these people should be shot!' I didn't agree with his 'figure of speech' at the time...
I've phoned Wicked and was told that the boss doesn't speak to people on the phone.
Such amazing arrogance!
Perhaps he'll answer my email.
Perhaps he'll do something about his clients showing disrespect to my beautiful country.
Perhaps pigs will fly...
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  1. In Texas we call that marking our territory but is normally only acceptable while very remote camping and only a long ways from the camp! My sister used to have the crazy woman gotta pee all the time disease but she had a coffee can and would hide in the car..I was so embarrassed.

  2. If the Wicked boss will not talk to you, piss on him. . .

  3. I haven't been in Germany for a number about 10 years, but at one time it was common to see a man pull over to the side of the road, get out of his car, and pee. I would bet it was common in most of Europe back then, when all you could find were pay toilets, if you could even find those. They can do what they like in their own country, but it is disrespectful to go to another country and not make it a point to find out what is considered ok.

  4. In Australia it's common to see people pulled over on the side of the road, peeing.

    Then again, there's nothing out here for miles and miles.