Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Best Little Hardware Store In The World...

Well that's what the many customers who patronise this hardware shop think.
Opened in 1867 it has seen five generations of the Read family meeting the needs and solving the problems of the Do-It-Yourself community here in Thames.
John and his sister, who started coming to work with their dad Stuart when he was about eight and she six, would decant white spirits and turps into small bottles. They were paid about two cents a bottle. Perhaps he gets paid a bit more these days.
If you're ever in Thames and have a need for a bit of hardware...
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  1. I love little hardware shops.

    We have Bunnings here, a massive hardware chain that build sheds the size of football fields. Where staff have no idea about plumbing, timber, lighting, nuts, bolts, washers, paint, and so on.

    It's my last resort for when the other three smaller hardware outlets don't have what I want.

    But when I find a small hardware shop, family run, and been there for generations. I patronise it as much as I can, when I can. I can go in there, ask a stupid question and get an answer, and be home within 30 minutes, installing the new plunger seat in the toilet, or fixing that leaking tap.

    At Bunnings, I'm still looking for the plumbing section because three staff members gave me three different isle numbers, and it takes 10 minutes to cross the place from one end to the other.

  2. You're so right Pipsqueek. It's really a wonderful experience shopping at this one, the folk here have been here a long time and know their stuff. Not only that but they really care about the customer and their wants. As they say, they are problem solvers.
    We have Bunnings stores here, it has been known for people to be lost in their massive mega shops for a week...

  3. You are right about being big. I lost my wife in a Bunnings store a month back and when I asked sales assistant for help he didn't know where wags (wives and girlfriends) were. They are big enough so staff ought to have an inkling where they are!