Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Meet Lou Ratu...

She's a security guard at Auckland's Orakei Marina and an extraordinary person. If she was standing for Mayor of the city she'd probably win.
At Westhaven Marina for over ten years, Lou almost single handed, brought the theft from boats and cars to a virtual stop. Her memory is amazing. She knew the name and car rego number of nearly every one of the 1400 boat owners.
Her claim to fame started on day one of her employ when she fell off her bicycle a number of times and started a process of breaking her front teeth. Armed with a helmet, knee pads on her knees and knee pads on her elbows, she became an amazing and much loved personality. Auckland Rotary Club gave her an 'Outstanding Person Award' and then she left and came to Orakei.
Boat owners followed her to her new marina. Last year was her fiftieth and parties were put on all over for this wonderful lady with hundreds of people celebrating her birthday.
She still falls off her bike and has fallen out of the dinghy but hasn't as yet driven her golf cart into the water. Crime is such that boat owners can sleep soundly at night knowing Lou has it all under control.
Seeing she was missing her top front teeth encouraged a very generous local dental surgeon and yachtie to give her a brand spanking new set worth many thousands of dollars for free.
It's fantastic jokes Lou, but if I leave, he wants them back...
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  1. Lovely story. It almost restores my faltering faith in jaffas.

    Bill (in Wgton)

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  3. Jaffa is a funny and yet derogatory comment aimed at Aucklanders by the rest of the country...