Sunday, November 28, 2010

Help Protect Our Environment From The Department Of Conservation...

Please help protect our environment from the Department of Conservation!
I'm sure the irony here won't be lost on you.
DoC can interfere with Nature anytime it pleases and with complete freedom. It answers to nobody, least of all to the public of New Zealand.
If you or I were to do anything approaching this sort of thing, we'd be in court before you could blink and there'd be a hefty fine of thousands of dollars and a possible prison sentance.
But DoC it seems can engage in this sort of criminal activity and get away with it using a cavalier attitude and much ignorance.
Yesterday I wrote letters to three local Members of Parliament on this matter.
It's time to stop DoC...
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  1. Oh My!! The photo says it all Keith! If I had seen that happenning to the pristine beachfront which I've been visiting for about 15 years, I would have cried. Blatant vandalism of our peoples' heritage. It certainly isn't what "conservation" looks like. I will do what I can to get this beach back to its' natural state.