Friday, November 26, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys...

And some boys given a little authority and a bit of freedom will often act like irresponsible juveniles and even vandals.
When I was a kid, I took my bucket and spade to the beach.
How things have changed.
This monster digging machine is what New Zealand's bureaucratic Department of Conservation is using to 'fix' the beautiful beach that wasn't broken at Port Jackson.
With a mind of their own and no mind to consider anyone else's opinions, they impose rules, put up fences, restrict the enjoyment of campers and act as if they own the land and the beach.
They don't of course.
You and I do, but try telling them that.
As I've mentioned before, I'd shoot all bureaucrats but they won't give me a gun licence...
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  1. what are they attempting to do there?

  2. DoC are using some 'conservation' methods to 'prevent erosion'. Watch this space...

  3. Maybe they are shoveling up the BS that comes out of the politicians' mouths.

  4. Keith, Port Jackson is the place we met you and your ingenious Flying Tortoise in March this year. We had the opportunity to admire your comfortable rolling home in nature and we love it! You showed us your practical inventions, e.g. your bath tube, the solar sausage and other nice things like herbal plots and not to forget your fireplace.
    That beautiful spot is one of our favourite places in NZ beside Matai Bay and Tauranga Bay in the high North. We are still dreaming of swimming in the delightful water and strolling along the beach, and we hope that piece of nature will be preserved.