Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanks DoC...

Thanks for taking a length of pristine beach that wasn't eroding and doing unsightly things to it.
Thanks for changing the natural contours and build up of stones so that the new impoved version will erode as surely as night follows day.
Thanks for the good idea of planting more grasses but why did you have to get all heavy handed and spoil the unspoiled in the process.
Thanks for putting up fences and making access to the beach more difficult for everybody, especially those who want to launch their kayaks and dinghies, or just want to have an uninterrupted view of natural beauty.
Thanks but no thanks says Trevor who with his family have been coming here to Port Jackson on the northern tip of the Coromandel for thirty years. And has seen virtually no erosion in all those years.
Thanks for fixing something that wasn't broken or eroding but is now sure to with the next big tide combined with a good Northerly blow.
Thanks for your interventions DoC.
Now why don't you go and play your silly games somewhere else.
Perhaps you could dig a big hole there and bury yourselves in it.

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  1. It is a shame that nature can't be left alone .. nature knows best ... it is only human interference that is causing so much destruction to our wonderful environment and planet ...

  2. I thought DoC were supposed to be our caretakers of beautiful UNSPOILT NZ - it's lakes, river, mountains and coast! What do they think they're doing?!