Monday, November 29, 2010

The Capsule Camper...

It was so good to see Michael Jenzen's Tiny House Living blog update arrive in my inbox this morning after a bit of an absence.
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One of the most delightful things in this issue is Doornob's David Tonkinsons innovative new take on the travellers' trailer.
And I'm sure you'll be pleased that I'm not politically motivated again this morning.
This is one cute camper...
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  1. Got any pictures of the inside?

    BTW, have you heard of Rodger Tibbs? I saw him on TV last night and he was a county western singer from New Zealand.

  2. I've now posted the address DD, you'll be able to have a look. You could google tinyhouseliving if it doesn't work...

    No I haven't heard of Roger Tibbs, there are more than twenty nine people in NZ DD and it's hard keeping up with them all...