Sunday, November 21, 2010

Garage Sale Now On Yesterday...

Sorry you missed it.
One and All were there.
This is a different type of billboard, not the old original sort where the message was painted on the walls of caves.
That was the standing still variety.
This is the Walking Billboard, a wonderfully effective style of advertising, nearly as good as word of mouth.
So what a surprise I got when I saw behind this sign of the times was my old friend Geoffrey. You might remember him, he married the beautiful and gorgeous Pru a few years ago.
Well it appears that Geoffrey is the CEO of Walking Billboards and he walks and works Saturdays.
I was at the weekly and famous Thames Saturday Market.
You'd have really enjoyed it...
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  1. Obviously barefoot and not power dressing is the way so many CEO's are going these days!

  2. Yes. I wonder if it's personal sartorial style, regression or the recession...