Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Zealand Whitebait Fritters...

For all you Foodies in other parts of the world who wanted to know what Whitebait, the famous New Zealand delicacy looked like... here you are.
The reason for today's late posting is that I was sampling these wonderful delights and got carried away with the magic of the Saturday Matakana Market.
So here is this very small and ridiculously expensive and mouth watering treat.
As you can see, they are almost translucent in colour and the little black spot you might be able to see is their eye. They are a bit small to be filleted... the left one has been turned and the right one about to and then off the heat, a bit of salt, ground black pepper and some lemon juice.
You are now drooling and your mouth is salivating with anticipation.
You may be seen to dribble a little.
How embarrassing. But never mind.
You will bring the delight to your mouth.
The next feeling you have will be pure ecstasy...
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  1. Dang FT, how did you know that I was drooling. I don't even have a camera on this computer. Sure does look good.

  2. The taste sensation is ORGASMIC DD. You will recall what that is...

  3. You are living the good-life. Good food and drink and the warmth and comfort of the FT to return to after the carousing.

  4. Keith you look like you have been buying good rich farm eggs.We cant whitetbait in our river because of the bad contamination seeping into the rivers from broken pipes after the quakes. We are still getting a few quakes a day

  5. It is a good life. It's the only one I have so have desire to make the most of it... sorry about the river contamination D, perhaps it's time to head north...