Monday, September 20, 2010

My New Sleeping Companion...

I've been sleeping with quite literally a 'block of wood' the last couple of nights.
Some of you will be familiar with the feeling I'm sure, but let's not go there.
I found it. I'll call it it, rather than him or her, just in case you think I'm kinky or weird, when I was out wandering.
Not much to look at, I'll grant you, a bit rough around the edges and obviously hewn by a man with a heavy blunt instrument.
However, as they say about beauty, it's within and so I thought I'd take it within and put it on the fire when I was overcome by the familiar and beautiful fragrance of freshly cut 'Macracarpa' wood.
Rather than moaning with pleasure where I was, I returned home to TFT with my newfound treasure thinking about love at first sight and realised this was love at first sniff.
That's how she, woops, I mean it, came to be lying next to my pillow when I sleep.
And no, the earth hasn't moved and nor do I have to say 'sorry, was it your turn' or 'stop snoring darling'.
It's the simple things in life that give the most pleasure...
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  1. And it is fragrance that stays in one's memory the longest.

  2. I think you're right DD, I can't quite remember...

  3. Its the quiet ones you have to watch. Your new bedfellow/ess oddly enough has the look of a Saw itself.