Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bed Of Roses For Sale...

Many of you will remember Jypsy Jude's beautiful Bedford bus featured on this blog a few months ago. (See May 13)
She now has her lovely bus for sale on
Look for '1972 J2 Bedford Bus'.
Bed of Roses is a wonderful work of art and will feature in Lloyd Kahn's soon to be published and eagerly awaited book 'Tiny Houses'.
At $17,000 it seems like an art heist to me...
Jypsy Jude and Bed Of Roses will be at 'Another Laidback Beddy Rally' to be held at the Paeroa Racecourse, Labour Weekend, 23, 24, 25 October...
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  1. May I assume that you weathered the big storm that was coming; the one that was the size of Australia? I was anxous for you.

    The Bed of Roses is really a nice looking bus, inside and out. Too bad she is selling it.

  2. The 'storm' was a bit of a media hype really DD. More on that later. Thankyou for your concern...
    Yes some lucky person will have a beautiful little housebus for a very good price. It really is a piece of functional and functioning art on wheels...

  3. Hi, so did 'The Bed of Roses sell ,do you know,please