Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sitting Pretty...

Ok, well let's ride. Woops I mean, let's get the show on the road. No, I'll try that again. If you'll just fasten your saddle belts ladies and gentlemen, and put your feet in the stirrups, stirrups, what stirrups, we'll prepare for take off...
According to Rebecca Boyle and USA Today, this new seat thingy is called a 'Skyrider' and it's a cross between a saddle and a chair.
It's designed to save airlines money, cram more people in and pretend to mimic the incredibly comfortable experience of riding a horse at 30,000 feet...
'This is your captain speaking. We were scheduled to fly to New Zealand today but the weather there is shit, thousands of homes are without power, lightening strikes are a dime a dozen and they are experiencing small tornadoes and hurricane winds in some areas. Trees are down in many places and as they're going through a bit of a bad patch with earthquakes and this big storm.
We'll fly there another day.
There are reports coming through though of a Flying Tortoise basking in the sun but this could be just media hype...'

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  1. Not sure if I like that, the seats that is.

    I guess you had a bad storm. Tornadoes and high winds. Arn't you glad that you don't depend on the infrasturcture?

  2. I just love my independence DD. I wouldn't have it any other way. Is there another way? Not for me... My batteries are full, the water catcher's been working well so what more can a man want... Haha, this one's sitting here in the sun sewing the duvet cover...