Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Chinese Patchwork...

This amazing patchwork is in China's Yunnan Province in the southwestern part of Kunming, 2600 feet above sea level.
Yes, it is a very remote area and minerals like oxidised iron that colour the soil are abundant.
Different coloured crops are planted purposefully by the families who tend the land so when viewed from afar it looks like a beautifully painted or quilted landscape.
Different seasons, different lights and different times all combine to produce wonderful effects.
It is called Lexiaguo, the place where beautiful colours set.
To look at some more truly breathtaking images of this amazing place, simply google Lexiaguo.
Doing so might make your day...
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  1. Food is beautiful, even when it is growing.

  2. If your day has started off a bit blue this is a sure way of making it better. A truly uplifting glorious beautiful site.