Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quake Quake Quake...

As of a few minutes ago the afterquakes in the Christchurch area numbered 1153 and there's no sign of them stopping.
Many streets have cordoned off properties with red stickers attached signifying they will be demolished.
It will take some time for people there to get their lives back on an even keel.
Some never will...
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  1. Wow, isn't that an extra-ordinary number of after shocks? Are they strong enough to feel and do damage? That is amazing, it averages over 50 aftershocks a day!!! which would average over 2 an hour!!!

  2. Dizzy-Dick The quakes are in different places in canterbury so we dont feel all of them but there are some each day and they do rattle things .There have been a lot of three and four shakes .Thankfully a lot of us have got used to them

  3. Thanks dyna for the explanation. I am sure a lot of them only register on the seismograph and you can not feel them. But even a few are way too many. Let us hope that they will stop soon.

  4. Over three hundred of these afterquakes have registered more than 3.0 on the Richter Scale so have been quite significant... and scary...

  5. I went to Google Images for "christchurch quake". It is a mess, hope people have insurance.