Friday, March 4, 2011

Port Jackson Camping Hosts Dismissed...

Many thousands of campers who have visited the beautiful Port Jackson campground at Coromandel's Cape Colville will be upset to know that DoC have dismissed the very popular hosts Bill and Ann for a 'contractual' reason. Yeah right...
Over the last seven years they have hosted thousands of people from all over the world as well as Kiwi Campers who return annually.
They have been wonderful hosts, enhancing the experiences of all who visited while being marvellous tourism ambassadors for New Zealand.
It's a very bad and sad end to a wonderful era.
Thankyou Bill and Ann.
We will miss you...
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  1. Another bad decision by DoC - what next , Electronic gates and a robot voice of welcome? Will you have fries with that ? - oops , wrong message.

  2. If Bill and Ann are reading here:
    With pleasure we are thinking of our stay on Port Jackson’s DoC camp just one year ago.
    We remember well Ann’s kindness and the pleasant conversation with her.
    Unfortunately we didn’t meet Bill.
    We are sad to read of the dismissal.
    What a loss!
    Willi + Erika

  3. Wow omg, We have had many pleasant years at Port Jackson with many different wardens and Anne and Bill were by far the best. DOC do not know what they are doing.It will be difficult to find a couple who are so approachable and fair. They offered friendship, resources, help, first aid expertise, pleasant conversation and more. They will be sadly missed by Phil and me and our extended family. Susanne Bolli Karlsson

  4. OMG....that's terrible, I'm feeling really sad about that. We are heading up to Port Jackson next week and we're looking forward to seeing Bill and Ann again....bad news. Port Jackson will never be the same...!!!

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  6. Yes, a very bad decision made by DoC. I hope they realise in a very short space of time that they've done the wrong thing by getting rid of them. Ann and Bill have been wonderful hosts to the beautiful spot of Port Jackson where they make everyone feel welcome - Kiwis and foreigners alike. To Ann and Bill I wish you all the very best for what lies ahead.

  7. Don't know what to say. Ann and Bill will be deeply missed. They were 'Port Jackson' and the reason why people keep going back there. DOC really blew the wrong tune on this one. Good luck Ann & Bill.

  8. Hi there. Just heard the very sad news that Bill passed away from a heart attack last night.