Sunday, March 27, 2011

Living Between A Rock And A Hard Place...

High in the mountains of Fafe in Portugal, inspired some say by The Flintstones, this delightful house was constructed between two giant boulders.
Thank god there are people around with imaginations and abilities to create outside the square, and between a rock and another hard place...
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  1. Possibly the people of Sumner in Chch could learn from this?

  2. Wow, I really like that house. Would make a stone age man proud.

  3. Sigh...I wish I saw more houses like that in my part of the world. Instead, we get ticky-tacky heaps of poorly made, unimaginative piles...and to add insult to injury, way beyond most people's ability to buy the rancid things. There are a few good ones, once in a while, but you need money, and you generally need to run protracted battles with the "job's worth" bureaucrats from the local councils, before you get your planning permissions.

    Like the guy who wanted to use local reeds for his thatch, and was refused planning permission, because the job's worth insisted the guy used imported chine reed...The guy won in the end, but it was a hard fought battle. Or the guy who had converted a water tower in the middle of nowhere, who had installed solar panels right on the top, where no-one, except from a plane could see them. He lost and had to remove them...Laws it appears made to stiffle any "green" ideas despite what the goverment bleats about.

    Sorry, rant over...That house is beautiful.