Monday, March 14, 2011

Lloyd Kahn's Latest Book - 'Tiny Homes'...

Lloyd's latest book 'Tiny Homes' is being worked on as we speak enthuses Lloyd and he's looking to have it published later this year.
Here you can see some completed page layouts and there in the middle is one for The Flying Tortoise.
If you are a fan of building with natural materials, wonderful innovative spaces and their interesting and creative builders and owners, you might check out three of his already published and highly recommended books, 'Home Works', 'Builders of The Pacific Coast' and 'Shelter'.
I have them all and no, I won't lend them...
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  1. I love Lloyds blog but I didn't know you were in the book! Cool!

  2. And John Wells is in that set of pages, on the lower right.

  3. Yes John and The Field Lab are there too. Can't wait for the book to come out, I know it will include heaps of creativity, lateral thinking, off-grid innovations and plenty of thoughts on living big in a small space...

  4. Ah people borrowing and not returning t t t
    Maybe I can drop in for a cuppa and turn the pages inside your bus?