Thursday, March 3, 2011

Optional Extras...

Now here's a motorhomer that has all their options for transport covered.
A sea kayak for cruising and a smaller version, ideal for rivers or in the surf perhaps.
Or for a second person.
The owner has had designed and fitted, an ingenious lifting device, all electric, that, with the press of a button, brings both kayaks to the ground with ease.
And then on the front of this 7m bus, easily ramped up or down, there's a cute little motor scooter for getting around town or doing some touring while leaving the bus at the beach or wherever...
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  1. That is a neat outfit. Has he a motorized para-wing under the bead to conquer the air?

  2. Well there certainly is some windage Bill, but I don't know what's under the bed, probably a spa-bath...