Saturday, March 19, 2011

An Affair Of The Heart...

I admit it. I've just had a love affair.
The last couple of days have been spent in emotional turmoil.
I had a quickie. A one night stand with the most beautiful Spanish seductress.
She had the most exquisite body and her neck, well, to touch it was a spiritual experience. Her colouring was that of something touched by the sun and enhanced by the moon.
And when she spoke, you listened. She was a Carmen, a love child of the famous Riamundo and I loved her.
And then I looked at my Angelica who had been by my side for so many years and had shared so many sunsets. She surely didn't have what this temptress had and she certainly wasn't so high mainenance. She had marks on her neck from my constant demands.
But she knew how to make my fingers dance and my heart sing so I told the beautiful siren to go home.
I took Angelica into my arms and I asked for her forgiveness.
We whispered softly, lovingly, in a minor chord and I plucked her...
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  1. Happy Plucking ...take at easy on her neck though!

  2. Thankyou Frann, I am a happy plucker...